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2010 was Ireland’s coldest winter in 130 years, but what was more memorable was the trip that brought photography into my life. December of 2010 was my first visit to Europe and my first experience with a non-point-and-shoot camera. I Carried a Nikon D70s and a kit lens (Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 AF-S DX) that had gone through lots and passed down from my sister as a trip care package. Halfway through my snowy voyage and after offloading some photos to my bigger screen laptop to review some of my photos, I found a few pictures that I took that attracted me so much that I wanted to do it again and again. This was surprising to me because I had no skills or interests in photography before this trip. I began to appreciate just how much I enjoyed working with my camera to create impactful pictures. This whole trip was like a revelation to me, serving as my introduction to the world of photography.

As more time passes, the more passionate about photography I become. Now, anytime I see my work used as someone’s social media profile picture or in magazines, I am encouraged and motivated to push myself further and to keep honing my skills. Thinking back, this hobby of mine all started with that trip. There are a million things to learn about photography and an infinite number of people’s hearts and natural beauty to capture, and I will not stop until I find them all.

Thank you for visiting I have done my job. You take even one image to heart,

Sukai is pronounced as \ sükəī- \ or soo-kye

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